App Android/iOS desarrollada en 2015/2016 por Boardnaut Studios
Participó en el 2014 Solitarie Print and Play Contest en la BGG
1 jugador/1 player (solo game)
15 minutos/15 minutes


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2014 BGG Solitaire Print and Play Contest
2nd place Best Small Sized Game

1 Player Guild Gaming Awards 2014
3rd place Best Solitaire Print and Play Game


Video reseña
Marco Arnaudo

"It was a great introduction to solo gaming and the world of PnP."
Peter Gray

"Good balance of playing-time, complexity and randomness."
Mattias Persson

"Considering its size, this tiny solitaire print-and-play game is quite hard to beat. A nice little challenge to work out, although the luck factor (dice rolls and the random configuration of the map) can be a bit frustrating."
Andreas Spath

"This is really a gem of a solitaire game. It is very easy to print and play just to try it out. If you like the experience, then a small amount of crafting can turn those 6 tiles into nice quality, re-usable playing pieces."
Matt Mason

"It's very abstract, but also is quite original in how it uses the die."
Miguel García

"Great as a quick pocket filler. Can actually become quite tense at the halfway mark on the map."
Erik Downie

"Grandísimo solitario. Un juego muy bien pensado y adictivo."
Víctor Cerrato

"Quite amusing! The concept in this game is really original!"
Valentín Delgado

"6 of those dice are your forces that are just spin-down counters. There is a living puzzle that keeps an abstract war forever moving forward. I like this very much and do need to play more as such a simple, straightforward game really can both engage the mind yet not tax it to the limits."
Travis Morton